Save Water During Arizona Drought


The United Nations- an international governing entity- has declared today, March 22, 2019, World Water Day. The message they seek to send involves a collective effort of the global community to save water whenever and wherever possible. For those in the fire protection industry, this might entail something as simple as using fire extinguishers- rather than water- to put out a fire.

Not all fires are equal, and we at CertiPro Fire and Life Safety are not condoning that all fires be put out using fire extinguishers. Of course, there are always situations where a fire has grown too large to be contained by one, or even multiple, fire extinguishers. However, one thing is clear: using fire extinguisher to put out a fire will save Arizona’s most precious resource from going extinct.

To put the state of the Earth’s freshwater resources into perspective, there Earth’s surface is 70% covered in water. Of that percent, only 2.5% is freshwater. The rest is ocean-based or saline water, unsuitable for human consumption and use. Of the 2.5%, only 1% of this water is easily accessible to humans, with the rest of it remaining trapped in snow fields and ice caps. Furthermore, Arizona is located at the heart of the Sonoran Desert and has been in a continuous drought for the past 22 years. Our major water reservoirs have reached record low levels, and are only 5 feet away from being declared a “Tier 1” shortage by the Bureau of Reclamation.

How to Save Water

With this information in mind, conservation of water resources is not an option- it’s a necessity. Fire extinguisher technology replaces the need for water, and efficiently cuts the fire’s fuel off from the surrounding oxygen. If your only back up plan for an accidental fire is the bucket of water in the corner, think again. Arizona needs that water. In honor of World Water Day, let us provide you or your company with the fire extinguishers it needs to keep you safe, as well as Arizona’s water supply.

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