Arizona Fire Sprinkler Code Requirements

If you are a Property Manager or Building Owner, you know that Arizona fire sprinkler code requirements and regulations exist in order to ensure that in the event of a fire, your buildings’ fire sprinkler system effectively serves as the first line of defense.

Information about these regulations often lack clarity.   For a Property Manager who does not have the time to read through pages of confusing fire sprinkler codes, grasping Arizona fire sprinkler code requirements and regulations can be daunting task.

Why are Arizona fire sprinkler code requirements and regulations so unclear?

The simple answer to this question is that the NFPA sets a national standard for inspections and certifications requirements, but not every jurisdiction enforces these standards as stringently as others. In the same way cities are considered “creatures of the state” in  a federalist governing system, Jurisdictions are “creatures of the fire department”. If the fire department was its own government, a jurisdiction would be the state. This means that Arizona fire sprinkler code and regulations are determined by the jurisdiction they fall under, while also drawing authority from the national level NFPA standards. Furthermore, some Jurisdictions view the NFPA’s national standards more as a “guideline”, rather than a strict code that must be followed. The reason for this can be tied back to the first point of this paragraph; some Jurisdictions enforce the national standards more than others.

Let’s take the City of Phoenix, for example. If you are a Fire Sprinkler contractor in the Phoenix area, you are aware that the City is  lackadaisical in their enforcement of some fire protection standards, and incredibly stringent in others. Just recently, the City enacted updates in the fire sprinkler code that requires every sprinkler head in an older buildings current fire suppression system to be replaced if there is just one sprinkler head that is damaged or needs replacing. On the other hand, a fire protection professional tells us of a story where he inspected an older building in downtown Phoenix and found a sprinkler tag from over 2 decades years ago. The best part is that the tag had his very own name on it, and was from when he had just started off in the industry!

Why do Property Managers Need A Fire Protection Contractor to get “Up-to-Code” with Arizona Fire Sprinkler Code Requirements?

It can be quite burdensome for a property managers and owners to have to read through a 700+ page book with vernacular geared towards trained and certified professionals in the field. Property Managers need a translator or liaison for the fire code enforced on the national level (ex: when it is time for the next Annual inspection or when a 5-year internal piping condition inspection is needed) and local level (by jurisdiction; varies widely). Without knowing this information, and in the event that something were to happen, property management insurance claims may be compromised.

Certified industry professionals are invited to annual and semi-annual coffee forums and sent information directly from their local jurisdiction about code requirements and standard updates that are often not broadcasted to the general public. Certification as a fire sprinkler and fire suppression contractor allows access to this information, without which fire protection code updates would remain somewhat elusive to industry professionals, and especially to Property Managers and owners.

How Do I Know if My Building’s Fire Suppression System is Up to Code with NFPA Standards?

If you happen to have some background in Fire Protection, you may consider reviewing the NFPA’s updated standards on your own for reoccurring inspection requirements.   After review, you will want to call a local contractor, like Certipro Fire and Life Safety in Mesa , to clarify any location-specific codes that are relevant to your residential or commercial building.   Certipro Fire and Life Safety  uniquely offers complimentary consultation services over the phone, or in-person, for Property Managers and owners who have questions regarding legislative compliance and service recommendations. This is a valuable service, as answers to these questions can be extremely ambiguous. CertiPro Fire professionals  will advise on how you can comply and  next steps to take in a detailed report. The report will reference specific codes outlined by the NFPA, so that you are no longer stuck in those bureaucratic gray areas. From there, the Property Manager or building owner is responsible for ensuring that any Arizona fire sprinkler code requirements are addressed and that any recommended repairs, inspections, or certifications are completed. Most often, any repair service can be completed by Certipro Fire and Life Safety professionals.

Part of the information you have to know as an owner or Facilities Manager is knowing the type of fire system y currently installed in the property, where it is located, and when the latest inspection, testing and maintenance was conducted. Those in charge have to refer to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 25, Chapter 4 for a complete guide to management’s responsibilities over their fire sprinkler systems. Click HERE for a few important points from the NFPA guide that you have to take note of.

Fire sprinklers are the first line of defense for your Arizona property. Your safety and peace of mind is our priority, so only our expert technicians handle the installation and annual inspection of your fire sprinkler system.

To have a CertiPro Fire & Life Safety professional conduct a test on your current sprinkler system or request a free estimate on the ideal system for your property, connect with us at this link or give us a call today at (480) 829-7600 today.